Estate 2021 Pet Nat

2021 Estate Petillant Naturel

Petillant Naturel is the oldest method of making sparkling wine, also known as methode ancestrale. It is bottled before the primary ferment is complete and finishes in the bottle, trapping the natural carbon dioxide produced during fermentation. This estate grown Pet Nat is lightly sweet and gently fizzy, a lot of fun on a hot Chelan day.

Estate Viognier

2021 Estate Viognier

Wow, come sail away with this wine! This un-oaked Viognier is 100% Four Lakes estate fruit. Let it rest softly in your mouth and the subtle floral hints will become evident. Connoisseurs will contemplate the tricky mind bender of complex intertwining flavors that tingle the senses. Our estate fruit really brings out the nice floral characteristics of the varietal on the nose with a full-bodied caramel mouth feel. Be patient, the smoothness will take you away.


2020 Estate Girl’s Got Rhythm

Holy Shamoley! Consisting of 75% Orange Muscat and 25% Gewürztraminer, this handcrafted estate summer blend will make you tiptoe through the hibiscus flowers, orange blossoms & rose petals. The combination of tangerine and orange is tantalizingly succulent with an amazing aromatic aroma on the nose. This wine is light and crisp with a smooth and refreshing floral finish. Absolutely delectable!

2021 Estate White Merlot

2021 Estate White Merlot

Shoot me straight, this is a 100% estate Merlot with a creative twist of no skin contact during fermentation! This new release has a sunset color that leads to the complex deep undercurrents of Merlot’s darker tendencies with nuances of dark berry and cherry. The investigative senses can feel the rare smoothness of this naked Merlot adding an unexpected sophistication that caresses the senses for a long smooth finish.

2021 Estate Chardonnay

2021 Estate Chardonnay

A hilltop delight, 100% estate fruit aged in American oak to a golden hue and finished in stainless steel. The light and airy rhubarb strawberry smoothness gives way to a crisp and whimsical fruity tango. Succulent subtle swirls & sensations of peach and apple create a lasting aroma that lingers on the most delicate of palates. The fruit forward jammy nuances add the perfect finish to this refreshing get your weekend started wine.